Jean-Philippe Rameau Dardanus [CD]


タイトル: Jean-Philippe Rameau Dardanus
レーベル: ABC Classics
カタログNo.: ABC4765844
録音: 2005年



Music by Jean-Philippe Rameau 1683-1764
Libretto by Charles-Antoine Le Clerc de La Bruère 1714-1754

CD1  [54'35]

[1] Ouverture  4'07

[2]-[10] ACTE I
[11]-[25] ACTE II

CD2  [73'32]

[1]-[8] ACTE III
[9]-[22] ACTE IV
[23]-[31] ACTE V

Total Playing Time  128'07


Stephen Bennett  Teucer, king of Phrygia
Kathryn McCusker  Iphise, daughter of Teucer
Paul Whelan  Anténor, prince of a neibouring kingdom
Damian Whiteley  Isménor, magician and priest of Jupiter
Paul Agnew  Dardanus, son of Jupiter
Penelope Mills  Vénus
Miriam Allan  Une Phrygienne (A Phrygian Woman), Un Songe (A Dream)
Anna Fraser  Une Phrygienne (A Phrygian Woman)
David Greco  Un Phrygian (A Phrygian Man)
Dan Walker  Un Songe (A Dream)
Corin Bone  Un Songe (A Dream)

Orchestra of the Antipodes on period instruments
Antony Walker conductor

Antony Walker, Music Director
Alison Johnston, Manager

Anna Fraser†
Mina Kanaridis
Belinda Montgomery
Josie Ryan†
Jane Sheldon

Anne Farrell
Eric Peterson†
Natalie Shea
Dan Walker†

Philip Chu
John Pitman
Brett Weymark†
Raff Wilson

Daniel Beer
Corin Bone
Craig Everingham
David Greco
David Russell

† Trio soloists

Orchestra of the Antipodes
Antony Walker, Music Director
Alison Johnston, Manager

Violin 1
Rachael Beesley  
Franz Geissenhof, Vienna, Austria, 1813
Stephen Freeman  
B.J. Boussu, Brussels, Belgium, 1759
Julia Fredersdorff  
Anonymous, Mittenwald, Germany, early 18th century
Matthew Bruce  
Anonymous, Germany, 18th century, after Stradivarius
Elizabeth Pogson  
Anonymous, after Sebastian Klotz, bow courtesy of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

Violin 2
Sophie Gent  
Arthur Robinson, Perth, Australia, 1998, after Amati
Myee Clohessy  
Anonymous, Mittenwald, Germany, c.1790
Dominic Glynn  
Simon Brown, Sydney, Australia, 2005, after Guarnerius
Hannah Sless  
Lockey Hill, London, England, c.1770
Leigh Middenway
Peter Wamsley, London, England, c.1770

Viola 1
Valmai Coggins  
Adele Beardsmore and Alan Coggins, Blackheath, Australia, 1995, after the Gibson Stradivarius, 1734
Amelia Peachment  
Perry and Wilkinson, England, 1790

Viola 2
Nicole Forsyth  
Tenor viola by Ian Clarke, Biddeston, Australia, 1998, after Giovanni Paolo Maggini, 'Dumas', c.1680
John Ma  
Simon Brown, Sydney, Australia, 2001

Daniel Yeadon principal and continuo cello  
Michael Watson, England, 1991, after Guarnerius
Jamie Hey continuo cello track [16] (CD2)  
Five-string cello by Warren Nolan-Fordham, Melbourne, Australia, 1986, after Peregrino Zanetto, Brescia, Italy, c.1581
Rosemary Quinn  
Anonymous, Germany, early 19th century

Double Bass
Kirsty McCahon  
Giuseppe Abbati, Modena, Italy, c.1750

Traverso Flute/Piccolo*
Melissa Farrow  
Flute by Fritjof Aurin, Düsseldorf, Germany 1999, after J. Denner, c.1720
Piccolo by Rudolf Tutz, Innsbruck, Austria, 2005
Matthew Ridley
Flute by Simon Polak, The Netherlands, after Tassi, Paris, France, c.1750
Piccolo by Rudolf Tutz, Innsbruck, Austria, 2005

Kirsten Barry
Mary Kirkpatrick, Ithaca NY, USA, 2005, after Naust, France, late 17th century
Geoffrey Burgess
Mary Kirkpatrick, Ithaca NY, USA, 2005, after Naust, France, late 17th century

Simon Rickard
Olivier Cottet, Prouais, France, 1999
Lisa Goldberg
Olivier Cottet, Prouais, France, 1999

Bassoons used courtesy of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Neal Peres Da Costa
French double-manual harpsichord by Andrew Garlick, Somerset, England, after Jean Goujon, 18th century, used courtesy of Neal Peres Da Costa

Brian Nixon
French Renaissance long drum with goatskin head, gut snares and rope tension by Ben Harms, New Marlborough, USA, 2005, used courtesy of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra
Tapan (Middle-Eastern double-headed drum) with goatskin head and rope tension, anonymous, 1960s
Small calfskin bass drum, anonymous, England, 1960s

a' = 392
Temperament: Valotti

* Piccolos sponsored by Holman Webb Lawyers
タグ:ABC Classics